El Cartel Tequila Silver With Gold Flakes 750ML

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In the realm of ultra-premium tequilas, El Cartel Tequila Silver may be the most luxurious of them all — with a taste worth its weight in gold.

This tequila is so luxurious thanks to its gold flakes that are 100% edible — and suspended in the bottle. Unlike most spirits on the market that contain fine metal flakes that sink as they sit in the bottle, the special composition of gold allows it to float.

Like the rest of the tequilas in the El Cartel family, the spirit is comprised of 100-percent blue agave hearts that are grown and hand-selected on an estate in the heights of the Jalisco region of Mexico. After a maturation process that lasts over nine years, brick ovens are used to cook the pinas before they are distilled.

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