Gran Cava De Oro extra anejo 750ML

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This tequila made for sipping comes from Mexico and is 100% agave. Many seasoned tequila lovers gravitate toward this sweet, smooth, best tasting tequila available. It is elegant and subtle after its 5 years inside French white oak barrels, and it has a bright red or dark amber color.

Gran Cava de Oro Extra Anejo Tequila offers a mixture of fruity aromas, with a hint of toasted oak. It finishes with a sweet punch, and leaves a hint of agave on the tongue. Pair this sipping drink with any spicy foods, Mexican-based dishes, ginger, sugary foods, or in fruit juice cocktails.

Taste the excellence, you won't be dissapointed, Gran Cava de Oro Extra Anejo is a favorite amongst seasoned tequila connoisseurs. The aging process brings out a distinct hint of sweetness which makes it a popular sipping drink for tequila newbies as well.

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