O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream Liqueur

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9Introduced in 2008 O’Mara’s Irish Country Cream was the first to use wine as a replacement for whiskey in their Irish Cream.  An arguement could be made they were also the first Chocolate Wine.  Available in three flavors including mint chocolate and caramel, today we are reviewing their original flavor.  With nearly double digit growth each year, they hope to continue the momentum with a redesigned package for 2013 featuring a unique embossed shamrock on the shoulder.  Bottled at a significantly lighter 13.9% alcohol in Abbyleix Ireland and imported by Heavan Hill in Bardstown Kentucky O’Mara’s has positioned their product as having all of the flavor without the harsh after taste of most Irish creams.The aroma is chocolate chip cookies with a hint of red wine.  It pours thin to a coffee and skim milk color.  In my mouth it feels soft and much thicker than it poured.  I would describe this more as chocolate smooth than creamy.  The initial flavor is semisweet chocolate fading to coconut.  There is only a slight alcohol warming as the red wine completes the experience.  Served on ice the flavor is watered down quickly.  Serve O’Mara’s cold and straight up and enjoy.

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